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RingSurf Navigation Banner

This is the standard RingSurf navigation banner.

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Below are some more choices you may use if you have the HTML knowledge to do so. You may make other changes if you wish such as replacing the Nikonos camera image with another camera, a fish, or other appropriate image. You may also change colors, resize, change fonts, or use a custom banner image, as long as it is in good taste and is attractive. Contact the Ring Manager if you have any questions, or want approval of another graphic or layout.

This is a ring banner framed.


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Here is a narrow choice with a transparent background.

Transparent Beveled banner

Dark color solid banner.

This graphic can be used as an image map if you wish. Because there are several protocols for image maps, This is for the advanced webmaster who can create the image map themselves. This one was created using FrontPage, and users of FrontPage may be able to copy/paste the below to their own page (or using view source). You will need to get the standard HTML, replace the id=00 below in the HTML with your site ID, and use the correct links.


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