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RingSurf Underwater Photo Ring

This ring is served by servers, and is a HTML based ring (like used to be).

Ring Banner Customization

Upon submission, you will be emailed the custom HTML for your site. It is optimized to work in frames pages automatically. You may customize it in the following ways:


Non-Graphic Banner - You may replace the ring logo with plain text with the same ring name, and use the colors and fonts that match your site.


Graphic Banner - You may edit the ring banner by changing the colors or size to better match your site to the extent that your graphics abilities allow. You may replace the camera graphic with a different one. If you want a totally different graphic, please submit it to the ring manager for approval and state whether you will allow other ring members to use it. Please save the banner graphic to YOUR web site.


Fonts - You may change the font size or style as you wish.


Text - The basic text and all links must remain, but you may add a link to your home page if it is not there, or adjust the name or email links to correct them.


Placement - you may arrange the elements as you please as long as they still function. you may change centering, place in a table, etc.


Other Changes - If you have other requests that don't effect usability, please ask the ring manager.


Right click on the banner above and save it to your computer. Then import/export it to your web server.



If you are familiar with HTML and how a webring works, continue below, if not, go to the step-by-step instructions.


Don't forget to save a banner for uploading to your web server. You can right click and save the one below, or choose from others at the banner page. If you choose a different banner, you'll need to modify the HTML accordingly. 
(If using Microsoft FrontPage, "import" the banner into your web)


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