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Qualifications to Join the 
Underwater Photo Ring

Typical Member Sites

bullet Amateur or Professional underwater photographers (photo galleries, stock photo, or sales sites).
bullet Sites offering hints, tips, tricks, or instruction on underwater photography and video
bullet Manufacturers or dealers of underwater cameras, housing, and accessories.
bullet Underwater photo tour operators, guides, etc.
bullet Underwater photographic societies or clubs.
bullet Underwater photographic and video competitions.
bullet Other sites deemed of interest to underwater photographers.
bullet Sites must have significant content related to underwater photography  Sites that have some quality underwater photography, but not significant may be approved if the navigation banner brings the user directly to the UW photo content. (Scuba sites with only a few photos or link lists should join a Scuba Ring, under construction sites will not be added until content is added.)
bullet Family Oriented content only  - All sites must be suitable for the entire family. No adult content or language.
Why should my site join?
The purpose of joining is to increase your traffic by getting links from related sites targeted at the same interest group. In effect, you are trading links with a managed group of related sites. You will be able to see how many people enter your site from the ring, as well as how many people your site sends to other sites. You can control the link to other sites so that they open in a new window leaving your window open, using the HTML target tag.
Who can join?
This is a managed list, and only sites deemed appropriate by the "Ringmaster" or "Ring Manager" will be added. The Ring Manager for this site is Mark Beatty. Sites unrelated to underwater photography or video, or sites not primarily devoted to the subject will be declined membership. Sites not appropriate for a family audience will be denied (X or R rated, violent, etc.) The ultimate decision will be up to the Ringmaster. If your site is more related to Scuba than Underwater Photography, I suggest you join the Scuba Ring.
What does it cost?
NOTHING!...except a little time to set up and a space on your web page.
Where do I have to place the ring navigation?
If your site is totally about underwater photography, you can place in on any page and anywhere on that page. Some sites place it on the home page, some place it on a links or rings page. You will probably want to place a link to your home page nearby if not on the home page. See the information on Frames pages if your site uses frames.

If your site is not totally related to underwater photography, then the ring navigation banner MUST be on a page that is. The whole idea of a ring of related sites is for the ring surfer to go from site to site on the subject of underwater photography. 
How do I Join?
There are several steps as listed below. The speed of the process depends upon how quickly you can get your site ready after submission, if the links and HTML fragment are correct, and how quickly the Ringmaster can approve it (usually within a week, but occasionally I'm off on dive trips, so it could take a couple weeks on occasion). Follow these links to submit your site:

Underwater Photo Ring


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