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Microsoft FrontPage Users:

In order to get the HTML to work correctly when pasting into FrontPage, please do the following:

bullet Copy the HTML from your email (Select text, then Control-C) 
bullet Open Notepad or another plain text editor
bullet Paste (Control-V) the HTML into your text editor. this will strip any strange HTML that your email reader may have had if you allow HTML email formatted email messages.
bullet Re-select all the HTML text in notepad and COPY again (Control-C)
bullet Go to FrontPage and place your cursor where you want the ring banner. From the menu, select Insert>Advanced>HTML, and paste (Control-V) the HTML banner into the window that opened.
bullet Import the ring graphic into your web, by doing File>Import>Browse and find where you saved the file. Place it in the same directory as the page you placed the HTML on, or change the HTML to point to the page.
bullet Preview to see that it works.

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