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Caution to HTML frames page users

If your web site uses frames, the following rules apply to banners within this ring:

You may not frame other ring members material

bullet If your ring fragment is within a frameset, you must add the target html tag to load navigation links either in a new window, or to the "_top" frame within the current browser window.

If you notice a page that is violating this rule, please notify the ringmaster and it will be moved to the queue until fixed.

Your ring fragment MUST be in one of the pages loaded in the initial frames page you registered.

bullet An automatic ringchecker program runs weekly to look for removed or bad ring fragments to maintain the integrity of the ring navigation. If your HTML fragment is not in one of the initially loaded frames, it will not be found and moved from the ring back to the queue.
bullet You can deal with this problem is several different ways as follows:
bullet Register the page the ring banner is on, but put a link to your main frames page.
bullet Register an alternate starting main frames page with the banner page pre-loaded.
bullet Put a meta-refresh tag on the page to reload your main page after at least a 10 second wait.
bullet Sites in which the banner cannot be found by the ring checking end up in the queue and will not be receiving any incoming hits or be listed on the list page.

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