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Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What is a Web Ring?
A web ring is a group of web sites related by subject matter that link to each other by a shared HTML navigation banner (HTML fragment).
How is the WebRing different than a banner exchange?
A banner exchange may or may not display banners on the same subject. the banners also only link to a single site. The ring banner can be chosen and customized to the member site for a better appearance than unknown banners. Banners may not be targeted to your audience and are generally commercial in nature.
Who Can Join The Underwater Photo Ring?
Sites of interest to underwater photographers or those looking for information on the subject. for detailed info CLICK HERE.
Who Runs this ring?
This ring is run on RingSurf.com servers, and is managed independently by the creator of this ring, Mark Beatty.
Why Should my site join the ring?
More web hits from a targeted group! The ring helps all members by bringing sites on a related subject together, allowing a ring surfer to find many sites on a particular subject. Ring sites will get hits from other ring members as people navigate the ring.

HTML Questions

Where do I have to put the ring fragment?
You can put it on any page on your site, but remember that wherever you put it, this is the first page the ring surfer will see. Generally the Home Page is the best location, but you can put it at the bottom. The fragment must be on the page you register. If your site covers content other than underwater photography, the ring must be on a site that is UW photo related.
Can I customize the banner to my site's "look and feel"?
Yes, this ring allows you to change colors, choose the image logo you wish, use the text font you wish, justify it right center, or left, place it in a table, etc. You just must have the minimum requirements of navigation, and function, and some consistency with text placement within the fragment and a standard image.
What are the minimum requirements?
All ring fragments must have links the ring name in text or image, with a link to the ring home page; the site owners name and email link; navigation links for Previous, Next, Next5, List, and Random, using the correct site id number. Yahoo JavaScript banners will already be correctly configured and cannot be changed.
Can I use the ring banner/fragment on in HTML frames based pages?
Yes, but there are some special consideration you will need to adjust for. CLICK HERE for details on using frames pages with this web ring. The RingSurf Underwater Photo ring banner is "frames ready" as served from the joining email.
Can I use the ring banner on server generated pages?
No, the ring fragment must be on a static HTML page so that the automatic ring checkers can find and verify the ring existence and accuracy of the ring fragment of each site weekly. If it is not found as it can't be if server generated, the site will be moved back to the ring queue.

Member Questions

Can I change my Site Information?
Yes, you can edit your registration information and easily change your page URL/address, your site description and search keywords, your password, and email address. You will need your password to do this.
I've lost my password, what now?
You can submit your site id and email address and your password will be emailed to the address you registered. For those on the Yahoo ring, you will have to contact Yahoo/Webring for the procedure.
How do I remove my site from the ring?
Use the edit function, or remove the fragment from your site. You may also email the ring manager and ask to be removed.

Ring Setup

I have a low (high) id number, will people get to my site?
Yes, every week the site is re-ordered at random so that regardless of id number, your site will most likely point to a different site every week. It is also re-ordered in a staggered manner so that high traffic sites are staggered between lower traffic sites.
Can I tell if I am getting hits from the ring?
Yes, the weekly updated ring statistics will allow you to see how many ring hits you are getting ranked with other members sites. This now works on RingSurf only. The Yahoo ring no longer posts site statistics.

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